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Promised: A Paranormal Romance (Pure Book 2) by Petra  Abernathy
Publication Date: February 3, 2022
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It was all planned out, this life I have. It wasn’t everything it could be, but it was the best I could hope for. Then everything changed. Hildie I’m going to be punished for what my sister dared to do. I’m already being punished. The man I thought I would marry, he’s gone now, and the man I have been sold to, he says I am going to pay for what my sister did. I’m not like Greta, at least I don’t think I am. I’m easy going, content with the quiet life, where she is rebellious, but even the quiet ones can turn and show their claws. I just need someone with claws, and teeth, teeth would be good, sharp ones preferably. Brogan I fell in love with Hildie in a moment. I had our life planned out. Days of companionship and quiet study, nights of endless passion. She is all I have ever wanted, and now I have lost her. Not just because I was weak but because now I have become taboo to her. She’ll never want me now, even if I could find my way back to her. Promised is the second book in the Pure Series of paranormal romances set on a world inspired by Greek myths and legends. Expect high heat and MM content from unearthly lovers who will do all in their power to raise their fated mate as high as she can go.
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