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Kinsley's Pact (Renegades Shifters Series Book 2) by: BE Kelly
Publication Date: November 1, 2021
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Kinsley Tucker had a promise to keep to her mother—to find her brother, Axel. He had taken off when hunters came looking for him and left her to take care of their failing mother. She buried her mother, packed her car, and took off to look for Axel. Kinsley just never imagined that she’d find a safe haven for wolf shifters like her and her brother, or that she’d fall for the two sexy shifters who had offer her a job at their bar. And when they promised to help her get to her brother, she thought for sure that her luck had changed.
Butch and Steel King owned the dive bar in town that catered to shifters. They loved their little town that took in wayward shifters and helped them evade the hunters who always seemed to be on their tail. That’s how they met Axel Tucker. He had a run in with a few hunters and when he shifted and killed one of them, they vowed to get revenge. Axel’s little sister stumbling into town and begging them for a job wasn’t something that either of them saw coming, but hiring the sexy, little wolf shifter was a good idea. It was good for business and good for them both—especially when she agreed to be theirs.
Kinsley’s Pact is book two of the Renegades Shifters Series by BE Kelly.

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