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Creature of the Flame: (Her Creatures Book 1) by Maya Nicole
Publication Date: March 2, 2022
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There's a monster living inside me and time is running out to keep it at bay. I've learned to live with the looks and whispers. Monster. Freak. Creature. But I can't ignore the look of fear in my niece's eyes when she discovers what I am. I'll do whatever it takes to be rid of what haunts me, even if that means leaving my life behind. With the guidance of a prophecy and mysterious dagger, I set out to find other creatures who are feared for what they are. One from the flame who will ease the fire that consumes me. A creature from the sky who will catch me when I fall. When time is running out, the wild one will hold me tight. And one from the moon who will guide me as darkness weighs me down. With everything stacked against me and uncertainty around every corner, will I succeed or will I lose everything? *Creature of the Flame is book one in the Her Creatures series and is a fated mates paranormal shifter romance told in multiple POVs. The main character will have multiple love interests and end up with them all. It contains mature scenes, adult language, and a cliffhanger.
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