Klutz: Phoenix Secrets (But Did You Die? Book 3) by Sedona Ashe

Klutz: Phoenix Secrets (But Did You Die? Book 3) by Sedona Ashe

My billionaire dragon mate knows how to pamper a girl!
Rich? Check.
Hot? Check.
Driving my other mates insanely jealous? Check and checkmate!

Xerxes, my dragon mate, has whisked me away to Mexico. He keeps showering me with expensive gifts, breathtaking views, and lavish meals. I’m more of a cheeseburger girl, but I’m not one to complain about food. I just need to learn how to walk in heels without killing myself, again. Been there, done that.

I’ve spent my life trying not to die and failing at it spectacularly. It’s time for me to show them all how tough I really am. Training isn’t easy, but I’m not going to be weak or rely on others to keep me safe. I’m going to protect myself… After I die a few more times, of course. I mean, things change, but do they really?

Things are looking up for me and my mates. Well, everyone except Anzac and Mace. They are working hard to make up for the past, but Imp has it out for them, and her ridiculous pranks are getting out of hand.

What’s coming next, though…isn’t going to be all fun and games. It’s time to pay my parents a visit and get the answers I’m owed. Are they even my parents? Ridgeforce is in shambles and Midnight has put out a contract on our heads. I’m determined, with my mates’ help, to take down every person who was involved with both corrupt agencies. Oh, and I still have a curse to figure out.

It’s time to get my big girl panties on, the cheap ones, not the pretty ones that Xerxes bought me…because they’re probably going to burn anyway.

And what if all my training isn’t enough? What if I keep dying? What if a girl can’t catch a break?

I’m just a girl who’s on fire…
Literally, because I’m a Phoenix.

“But Did You Die?” is a comedy filled, bully (only in book one), paranormal romance series that includes jaguar shifters, a mysterious underground society, fated mates, and an incredibly clumsy Phoenix. Follow Amaryllis as she discovers who she is and ‘collects’ her soulmates along the way! It is full of humor, adventure, and scenes to entice and thrill you… or to make you unexpectedly snort with laughter. The series will have a HEA…it will just take a little while to get there!