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Sabina (Fated Souls Book 5) by: Elle Lincoln
Publication Date: November 7, 2021
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After the fairy tale.

I live the perfect life. A pampered pack princess. All my needs met, if you get what I mean

Double wink.

My mates cook. They clean and do laundry. They take me for Leisurely walks through the woods and keep my doughnut supply stocked. With a middle name of Perfection one would assume I lead the perfect fated life.

What a pile of regurgitated sweets.

I’m bored out of my ever loving mind. Not just bored but I’ve taken to making my mates shift just so I can hunt them. What? It’s a win-win and I am not ashamed.

Good thing real trouble sneaks onto pack lands to remind us not just who we are, but what we really want in this long immortal life.

It just might surprise all of us.

Sabina is Book 5 in the fated souls series. I'm a little longer than a novella but shorter than the other books in my series. Don't worry this one has all the heat and maybe a few surprises you weren't expecting.

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