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Monsters In My Bed by Kelsey  Soliz
Publication Date: February 28, 2022
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*book release has been delayed slightly due to health. Sorry to make you wait longer, but I promise it will make it better!* The three kingdoms have been at peace for awhile now. Earth, Air, Sky. Their people are prospering and are happy. Well, they're happy as long as they keep their secret kings subdued and the kingdom's peoples keep to themselves. Alira is a solution nobody wants- castaway in disgust because she doesn't look like anybody else. In any of the kingdoms. After years of flying under the radar, Alira crosses path with a court official that is more than just offended by her appearance and what she represents; in his eyes, Alira is an abomination that needs to be disposed of. Mixed race children don't occur in the perfect societies the kingdoms have morphed into, so Alira is taken captive and fed to the wolves. Literally. What no one saw coming is that the wolves, who are the Kings the societies have been keeping secret from their citizens, are all drawn to Alira, and cannot bring themselves to harm her. Instead, they must all woo her because she is their ticket out of captivity. The wolves are made of up all sorts of creatures that go bump in the night, and they have been repressed for too long. Time to break free and reclaim their kingdoms and give their captors a taste of their own medicine. This is a reverse harem dystopian romance, intended for 18+
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