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Pack Bound (The Blissful Omegaverse Book 2) by Jessa Wilder
Publication Date: April 19, 2022
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They claimed my heat. I claimed their hearts. In a world where Omegas are cherished, Alphas are revered, and Betas are forgotten I wouldn’t have changed a thing. Growing up in foster care, my friends and I took care of each other. Ares, Killian, Rafe, and Nox, were my everything: my first loves, my only family, my pack. Until the same night they told me we’d be together forever, I presented as an Omega, and everything changed. They betrayed me and turned me over to The Institute where Omegas are auctioned off to the highest bidder. I thought I’d never see them again… But four years later, they came back for me. Four alphas. One omega. A pack bond that couldn’t be broken.
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