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The Hunt: Hunters Hill - Book 1 by Nadine O'Keeffe
Publication Date: July 30, 2022
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Everything changed the night of my sixteenth birthday. One second I’m a normal teenager with a loving home and nothing but the future to look forward to. The next? I’m realising every single thing I thought I knew was a lie. The truth is, I was never meant to be Stevie Willows. I was born to be Stevie Hunter. Heir to one of the six bloodlines reigning over Hunters Hill. Bloodlines that prove themselves annually in The Hunt. I’ve never proved myself. Never knew I had to. Never knew I’d be hunted for it. But two years ago my sister paid the price for my ignorance in blood. Now? I’m alone and living at Hunters Hill High boarding school in secret. I’ve spent the last two years hiding in plain sight. Patiently plotting my revenge. I did my best to keep my distance from everyone around me. I knew when I first stepped foot on the grounds of Hunters Hill High that I couldn't trust anyone. But I messed up. I fell for them. Alex Miller. Christian Harris. Maverick Parker. The three kings of Hunters Hill High. It’s senior year. My secret is out, and now they’re hunting me too. They've set out to destroy me. They want me broken, bloodied, and bruised. What they haven’t realized yet is there’s a new hunter in town. It’s time they met her. The Hunt is a High School, Reverse Harem, Bully Romance book. This is the first book in the Hunters Hill series. This book is intended for readers aged 18+. It includes explicit sex scenes, crude language, and triggering content. Readers' discretion is advised.
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