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Seduction (A Dark Reverse Harem Romance) (The Deadly Seven Book 2) by Cassie Hargrove|Story Brooks
Publication Date: December 26, 2021
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A less than innocent Obsession has turned into a deadly game of Seduction…


The Deadly Seven were something I never could have prepared for.

They came into my life like a silent stalker, claiming my heart and body, and I gave into them willingly.

I love those seven broken souls, but even love has it’s limits.

Everything is a fragile mess of emotions as I struggle to decide who I can trust after they lied to me, and just how I’m going to get my Dad back.

I want to trust them, but how many lies can my heart take?



Our family was solid before she walked into our world, turning it upside down and becoming our everything.

Another person to guard and protect with everything we have, because now…if we lose her, we lose a huge piece of ourselves.

She’ll never be rid of us because we are her demons. We’ll burn the entire world down to prove our love to her.

Come hell or high water, our girl isn’t going anywhere.

*This is book 2 in a 4 book series that must be read in order.*

**Dark romance with stalking, non/con, dub/con, and much much more. Read TW before attempting to read this series!!**

***This is a reverse harem where the main character ends up with 3+ men. In this case, 7. If that isn’t your thing then this series is not the right one for you. This series also contains M/M scenes and relationships within the harem.***

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