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All Bets Are Off (Deadly Games at BSU Book 1) by Samantha Bee & G. N. Wright
Publication Date: July 30, 2022
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I bet you can’t.

Four words that started a game that would alter the course of our lives forever.

You never know when one moment is going to change everything. What handful of little words will shift the path you always thought you were going to take.

Elias. Ashton. Zaiden. Hudson.

I thought nothing would break us. That nothing could tear us apart.

But those four little words did.

They started a game none of us were ready for.

A game of bets. Of rewards. Of punishments.

A game to push each other further and further until all the lines were blurred.

The game took over. We went too far. I had no choice.

So once again, I uttered four little words knowing they would ruin us all.

I knew they’d hate me. Knew they’d leave me. Knew I would never come back from it.

I just never thought they’d still want to punish me.

I guess all bets really are off.

All Bets Are Off is the first book in a new series by G. N. Wright and Samantha Bee titled Deadly Games at BSU. This will be a why choose university bully series. It is a dark romance with themes of abuse, violence, graphic descriptions, and other content that may be triggering to some. Full trigger warnings will be updated closer to release

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