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Omega's Dream (The Hartwell Sisters Saga Book 4) by Flora Quincy
Publication Date: July 17, 2022
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~~These deadly alphas will tie one proud omega up in knots rather than let her get away.~~ Hippolyta Hartwell is an Apex omega, vicious and violent towards alphas; the greatest champion for her dynamic. She has vowed never submit to an alpha, never take a knot, and never become a mate. But on the cusp of securing her most secret dream, everything falls apart, and she must make a deal with the very alphas she fears most. Oberon Drexler once asked Hippolyta to sit by his side as Queen of London’s criminal underworld. When she betrays him, he will do whatever it takes to put the omega in her place. Puck indulges in every form of carnal delight. Only one woman has him suppressing his darkest desires. Now Oberon has handed the proud omega to him as a plaything to do with as he pleases. Jude bargained with the devil and now must pay the price. But can he survive the pleasure of seeing the woman he loves humiliated, degraded, and above all mated to an alpha? Omega’s Dream is a dark interpretation of the relationships in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream and features MMMF. Always read content warnings before reading. ~~ Omega’s Dream is a dark romantic comedy combining genres for a fresh take on the omegaverse set in the late 18th century. ~~ The Hartwell Sisters Saga follows four sisters determined to overcome society's strictures and exceptions. It is set in an alternate history with omegaverse dynamics and a guaranteed HEA. Each book can be read as a standalone, but readers are encouraged to read them in order.
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