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Fated to the Kings: Reverse Harem Fantasy (The Fae Queen's Circle of Dragon Shifter Mates Book 3) by Angela Edgehart
Publication Date: March 18, 2022
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Queen Catryn's missing. Magic is gone. War rages on. I was only allowed the pleasure of one night with all four of my mates before I was plucked off the balcony by the white dragon and carried off into the night. Now my four mates are left to fight the war against the humans without me. Mythos will have to overcome the trauma inflicted upon him by the wicked mage while defending our kingdom. I can only hope Zeek, Kade, and Etienne can help him get through this. And that's not the worst of it. When I discover the reason I've been captured, I'm utterly shocked. Forced to play a part in the downfall of the fae, I will do everything I can to turn this war around. Even if that means I have to die. Find out if Catryn and her mates can restore magic to Faerah and win the war against the humans in the sexy, nail-biting finale of The Fae Queen's Circle of Dragon Shifter Mates.
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