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Releasing Raven (Raven's Harem Book 5) by Dawn Martens
Publication Date: January 4, 2022
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Together in one boxset, all 4 of the Raven Harem's books!

Forty years ago, the world changed.

Paranormal creatures revealed their existence in the great coming out. Raven Castor thought she was one of the ordinary humans growing up in this evolving world where the creatures who went bump in the night were no longer a thing of bedtime stories.

On her thirtieth birthday she learns that her whole life has been a lie. Not only is she not an ordinary human, but she is also next in line to be Queen of all Immortals. Now she must learn to use and control her powers and how to rule as Queen, all while coming to terms with the fact she’ll have not one, but four, mates.

Raven’s life has literally changed in a way she never imagined.

A war is coming, and it is up to Raven and her mates to end it.

Can one woman change the fate of the world?

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