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Curse Of The White Dragon: The Chieftain by: E Darkwood
Publication Date: November 2, 2021
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Some people are born to power; some people it's thrust upon but they can handle it.
Then there's everybody else.

Ashkalon's duty is clear: fell the risen threat to the lands.
However doing so has proven a challenge.

Her witch fails her time and time again forcing her to turn elsewhere.

Her familiar is nowhere to be found and her allies... hah! Does she even have those?

And to make matters worse all the while her persistent enemy either frustrates, or confuses, or frustratingly confuses but ultimately is no help either.

At least Chief seems a promising option — it's only a matter of ascertaining if he's one that Ashkalon will be able to make without also sealing his fate.

- - -
Please note this series has a prequel and although it is not necessary to have read it to understand the overall tale, it certainly adds another layer.

Also note this is the third in a four part medium burn reverse harem and the books are not meant to be read as standalones.

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