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Wrath of The Reapers: A Dark Mafia RH Romance (The Reapers of Caspian Hills Book 3) by Jessa Halliwell
Publication Date: May 27, 2022
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They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions. If that’s the case, then maybe it’s a good thing all we’ve ever had were bad ones.
My brothers and I never claimed to be saints.
And before she strolled into our lives, we had no qualms about the things we did to survive.

It's a dog eat dog world in the underbelly of Caspian Hills.
And showing even the slightest sign of weakness can be a one way ticket to the grave.

But from the moment we saw her,
we knew she was worth the risk.

In no time at all, she became our world.
An immovable force that we couldn’t help but gravitate towards.

But before we ever truly had her,
she vanished, leaving a fiery trail of devastation in her wake.

Losing a woman like her would’ve brought most men to their knees,
But my brothers and I have always been stubborn bastards.

Even if we have to burn this whole city down,
we won’t rest until she’s back home where she belongs.

Stevie Alexander is ours.
And there’s no way in hell we’re letting her go without a fight.

Wrath of The Reapers is the third and final book in The Reapers of Caspian Hills, a Dark Mafia Romance Series where our heroine will end up with multiple love interests.

TW: This book features graphic violence, past traumas, dark romance, and dangerously possessive anti-heroes and villains. Reader discretion is advised. (less)

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