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Shifters' Secret Sin: A Rejected Mates Reverse Harem (Stolen by Shadow Beasts Book 2) by Lacey Carter Andersen
Publication Date: March 11, 2022
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The shadow world is nothing like I imagined… I never expected my life to go down this path. One minute I’m a light fae with a plan for my life, and the next I’ve been pulled into a world I never knew existed. But one thing is for sure, I’m in danger. The shadow beasts claim I’m their mate and that I have to remain by their side, regardless of the danger in this strange place. I don’t know what to think. I don’t know what to believe. They’re big, dangerous, and warriors. So why am I more afraid of the secrets in the shadow world than the beasts who are desperate to claim me as their own? SHIFTERS' SECRET SIN is a steamy paranormal reverse harem romance with a heroine with secrets, possessive heroes, and a spooky mystery. So preorder your copy! And if this sounds interesting to you, check out my other series, Royal Fae Academy, where you’ll meet many of the characters from this series.
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