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Temptation: A Forbidden Age Gap Romance (The Mate Games Book 4) by K. Loraine & Meg Anne
Publication Date: August 8, 2022
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Temptation, thy name is Sunday Fallon, and I am done resisting. Once upon a time I’d been a priest, but she’d made a sinner of me and now I welcomed damnation.
She’d always been my destiny. The woman whose life was tied to mine. I just hadn’t planned on falling in love and being forced to choose between my vows and my soul.

No matter how deep my connection to her ran, I had a greater purpose I was meant to serve. And now that she was carrying the Harbinger of the Apocalypse–the result of our passion–I had to get her away from the rest of them.

Her god of mischief.
Her devoted wolf.
Her dark prince.

She belongs to me…Her twisted captor.

If she’ll let me, I’ll keep her. Hide her from everyone and everything that means to destroy her. Stop what’s coming and make her mine forever. Because Sunday Fallon is more than temptation. She’s my new religion.

I’ve made my choice. This time I will not falter. I will worship at her altar and forsake all others. No matter the consequence.

The seals are broken.

Armageddon is coming.

And I’m ready for War.

Warning: This book is not for the faint of heart. It contains an obsessive stalker, a foul-mouthed, inked and pierced werewolf, a naughty professor with a fondness for watching, a god of mischief, and plenty of heat. If you don’t like your books spicy, your men broody, built, and more bad than good, this is not the series for you. But if you on, and welcome to The Mate Games.

Authors' Note: Please refer to the authors' website for all content tags and warning.

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