Redemption Found (Emerald Lake Prep Book Four) by Alisha Williams

Redemption Found (Emerald Lake Prep Book Four) by Alisha Williams

My happily ever after was finally in reach.

Then the universe had other plans.

What was meant to be a regular outing with my daughter, turned into one of my worst nightmares.

Now Tyson and I are fighting for survival for us and our child.

But we won’t be taken down that easily.

The war is here, and they just pissed off someone much more bloodthirsty then the devil himself.

We just need to keep surviving until then.

This is the last obstacle until I get my freedom and live my life the way I’ve been wanting to for so long.

But will we be the same when everything is over? Will my other lovers be able to hold on until I can hold them?

Only time will tell.

Emerald Lake Prep is a Reverse harem fast burn series and has a lot of sexual scenes that are meant for 18+ This is the 4th and final book and ends on a HEA. Contains darker themes.

There doesn’t appear to be a series page, so I’m linking the first few books here. -Paige

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