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Orion: Galaxy Huntress (Fallen Starlights Series Book 3) by Skyler Andra
Publication Date: March 1, 2022
Amazon Book Description

As a hunter for the gods, Zeus rewarded me with a place among the stars. An honor few mortals achieved. Stars can only burn so bright, and my time as one has ended. Cast to Earth as a fallen star, my starlight dwindles by the day and will expend within twelve moons. Sought by my enemies, my starlight their fuel, this hunter has become the hunted. It is up to me to save my sisters that fell with me, before we all perish. But the adversary I’m meant to destroy are my soul mates. Destined to complete me. Save me. There isn’t a chance in the heavens I’m going to let that happen. Galaxy Huntress is paranormal romantic comedy, featuring a devilish vampire, wicked demon and gruff werewolf. It is the second book in the Fallen Starlight series. Each novel in the series contains a completed character arc, featuring a new heroine and her multiple destined loves with a HEA.
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