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Wolf Damned: A Rejected Mate Wolf Shifter Romance : (Gift of the Wolf) by: Violet Fox
Publication Date: November 5, 2021
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Never run from your enemies. Always stand your ground, even if you lose...

That’s what Patrick always told me. Yet I am through with being a doormat. I’m no longer a helpless dud—a lycan who can’t shift. Now I’m a pack queen, a powerful female who can hold her own.

After all, I’m going to need my strength if I hope to compete in this year’s games.

Every year, the elders hold a tournament to determine the strongest among us. All those angry, vicious wolves... It’s enough to make any former dud soil her pants.

But I got this. My enemies won’t know what hit them when my wolf bares her pretty white fangs.

Unfortunately, scary wolf dudes and chicks aren’t the only things I have to worry about. I have three devoted mates too, and they’re all so different.

One of them rejected me after all, and now I have to team up with him in the hopes of winning a tournament? Could things get any worse?

Oh, they could. War is looming. Any day now, humans and shifters will collide in an epic battle for world dominance.

And it’s up to me to save us all...

This is a medium-burn upper young adult/new adult shifter romance with a heroine with multiple love interests. Suitable for ages 16 and up. There is swearing and scenes of a mature nature.

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