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Outcast of Magic (The Rise of the Sorceress Book 2) by L.A. Grant
Publication Date: January 14, 2022
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She broke her bond—they paid the price.

Corben became angry. Morien, haunted. Gareth, withdrawn. And Michel? He went insane.

Escaping from jail hardly means freedom for Gwen. Her bonds keep a close eye on her. They need her help to find the dispel ring that will break what remains of their magical link, in a bid to stop Michel and his murderous allies.

But trust isn’t easily established, and Gwen’s magic longs to respond to another call: Avalon, begging her to return to its once-legendary halls.

With few allies to call her own and magic intent on obeying another, Gwen is in for the fight of her life, and of her heart. Will her path lead her down the dark roads of her past, or will she learn to trust again and choose the light?

The Rise of the Sorceress is an enemies-to-lovers 18+ Reverse Harem paranormal romance with MM, MF and MMMMF encounters. The series is set in the events following The Return of the Queen, but can be enjoyed without first reading Arlena’s

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