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Vega: Stargazers' Prophecy (Fallen Starlights Series Book 4) by K. R. Hall
Publication Date: June 7, 2022
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A prophecy says when the star, Vega, returns to the North Pole, a Starlight will fall. The fall will bring an end to the centuries-long war between the wolves and vampires. This is said to unite the wolves and vampires with peace forever. This can only come about once the Starlight, Vega, mates with her true mates. My story will begin with Vega’s true mates Sirius and Sterling (twins) as her Alpha wolves and her sinister vampire mates Zeke and Tarak (cousins); they work together at an observatory as it is the best place they have found so they can always watch for their own fallen star. They look to the sky, just watching and waiting for their one true mate. They know they will have to move fast to get their fallen star lover before The Umbar. Can they find their love and form their unbreakable bond? Or will fate work against them to miss their one true shot at happiness? Each novel in the Fallen Starlights series contains a completed character arc, featuring a new heroine and her destined loves. They have an unbreakable love bond where choosing isn’t required and a guaranteed HEA. These books are filled with romance and steamy nights! It has some adult scenes and is for adults, 18+. Featured Authors and books in the Fallen Starlight Series. Gina Manis, Book 1- Danica, Darkness of Winter Skyler Andra, Book 2- Orion, Galaxy Huntress Quell T. Fox, Book 3- Maristella, Waves of Divinity K.R. Hall, Book 4- Vega, Stargazer's Prophecy Krystal Pena, Book 5- Aurora, Summoner of Dawn Ciara Skye, Book 6- Andromeda, Desires of Eventide Mia Harlan and Jewels Arthur, Book 7- Wolf Reyet, Summoned by the Moon Zelda Knight and Naomi Panthera, Book 8- Lulana, The Moon Dancer Kenzie Graves, Book 9- Carina, Voided Darkness Eve Bradley, Book 10- Elara, Primal Radiance
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