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Danica: Darkness of Winter (Fallen Starlights Series Book 1) by Gina Manis
Publication Date: January 11, 2022
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When I fell from the stars, I didn’t know what to expect; but it wasn’t running for my life in the darkness of a winter forest.First, it was running from the three men that attacked me as my feet barely touched the ground. Then it was the hungry pack of wolves. I used all my light to fight them off and now I am at the mercy of the vampire that saves me.Our connection is instant, but it can’t be real. A vampire is darkness, and I am the light. The only thing I can do is run from him. Run and forget what he makes me feel because I need the light if I am to face the Umbra.The city of light awaits and in it is what I truly need. The human prince offers me everything I need. He feeds my light with love, family, a home, and I grow stronger. I’m building a life that I have always dreamed of, and I see a future for myself with the prince I have fallen in love with.When the Vampire King returns to the city, so does the vampire who saved me. Despite the darkness in them, I am drawn into the entrapment of their feed and so is the human prince. I am lost in all of them as the Umbra attacks.My destiny is to save the humans by defeating the darkness of the Umbra. She created the vampires, and her darkness lives in each of them. To kill her, I risk killing the vampires I’ve grown to love. What future is there worth living if I destroy my heart?This is a vampire reverse harem romance developed in a fantasy world. The paranormal feature of this novel is about the allure of a vampire romance. It has some dark scenes and is for adults, 18+.Featured Authors in the Fallen Starlight Series.Gina Manis, Book 1-Danica, The Darkness of WinterJade Waltz, Book 2- Lyra, The Cosmic HarpSkyler Andra, Book 3- Orion, Galaxy HuntressQuell T. Fox, Book 4- Maristella, Waves of DivinityJ.R. Thorn, Book 5- Phoenix, Claimed by the Moon BladeK.R. Hall, Book 6- Vega, Stargazer' ProphecyKrystal Pena, Book 7- Aurora, Summoner of DawnCiara Skye, Book 8- Andromeda, Desires of EventideMia Harlan and Hanleigh Bradley, Book 9- Wolf Reyet,Zelda Knight, Book 10- Lulana, The Moon DancerKenzie Graves, Book 11- Carina, Voided DarknessEve Bradley, Book 12- Elara, Primal Radiance

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