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The Dark Angel Chronicles (4 book series) by Serenity Rayne
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From Book 1:

Blasphemy... abomination... disgrace...

I've heard these words my entire life, and never believed I would ever be allowed to find my mates. The Mate Trials are your one shot every twenty five years to find a mate. Here's the kicker, a female Nephilim isn't allowed to revel her wings till the trials. Do you know what its like to have wings and not be allowed to fly or expose them? It absolutely sucks.

When the moment finally arrives and I get my card guess who ends up in my harem? An Archangel, and Angel, a Nephilim that can't talk and the son of Death himself. Dark Nephilim hate everyone and Cyrus doesn't make loving him easy.

New bonds are tested when one of my mates is abducted and taken to hell. We're in a race against time to save him and me in the process. My true lineage is laid out before me and I'm shook.

The path before me is perilous and I may not survive it. But, I have to try. Love is the only thing worth fighting for.

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