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Reckless Pawn (A Dark College Bully Romance) (Ivymore University Book 2) by Nora Cobb
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The kings of Ivymore laid me bare and broke me with their touch.
They forced me to be a pawn in their sick, twisted game.

Asher, Jaxon, and Hudson made me their captive.
They took my dignity, and made me beg for mercy at their feet.

In this cruel game I’m forced to play…
They made it clear:

There is no room for me to resist.
My body is theirs to use. My heart is theirs to break.

They’ll laugh at the tears staining my face.
And make me scream until my throat bleeds.

And in exchange for my obedience…
They’ll keep my secret safe from the world.

And night after night, they’ll take turns reminding me:

It’s better to be owned by the devils I know.
Than to run from a monster I don’t…

Reckless Pawn is the second book of the Ivymore University trilogy. It is meant to be read as part of a series, not a standalone, and contains a cliffhanger. A dark college bully romance where the heroine will not have to choose between 3 bully heroes.

Publisher's Note: Contains triggers and dark themes, including intense sexual scenes not be suitable for all readers. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book.

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