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All the Good Girls Go to Hell: A Rejected Mates Academy Romance (Hell School Book 1) by River Ramsey
Publication Date: November 30, 2021
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They said they'd love me forever. Body, mind and soul. That was a lot easier before I was burned at the stake and split apart into three separate pieces. With my supposed reincarnation wearing my soul around her neck, my three soulmates no longer recognize me.To them, I'm an impostor. The villain.The witch hunter who gave me second life is a dead ringer for the one who took the first away, but we need each other. Him because he has a score to settle. Me because I have a life to take back. Two very different ends, but the means remain the same.Lainey Lowell has to die. If that makes me the villain of this story, so be it. I'll take back my soul and my men, whether they hate me for it or not.Buckle up, bitch. This wicked witch is coming to collect what she's owed.
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