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The Shadow Queen by Sloane Murphy
Publication Date: August 25, 2021
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Once upon a time, there was a princess who lived amongst the shadows and monsters… I've spent my entire life trapped within the center ring of the Shadow Realm, experiencing the horrors at the hands of my father, the Demon King. Finally given the chance to explore the Realm further, I jump at the chance... Except I find more than I bargained for. With a marriage forced upon me, for an alliance that will bring more trouble than its worth, my life starts to be torn in two. I might be sheltered, but my eyes are wide open. I won't let the ones who want to destroy me be the ones to rule my life. CW: This book is a dark rh romance with scenes that some may find triggering but all spicy scenes are consenual. The recommended reading order for the Seven Realms Saga is: Book 1: A Crown of Blood and Bone Book 2: A Crown of Smoke and Ash Book 3: A Crown of Shadows and Secrets Book 4: A Crown of Thorns and Lies Book 5: A Crown of Fire and Wrath Book 6: A Crown of Pride and Ruin Book 7: Witch's Curse Book 8: Hunter's Heart Book 9: Demon's Blessing Book 10: The Shadow Queen Book 11: Luna Rising Book 12: Alpha Bound Book 13: Alpha Born
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