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Charming The Enchanter: a gripping reverse harem fantasy romance (Cursed Creatures Book 2) by Freya Cole
Publication Date: November 26, 2021
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What do you do when there’s a bounty on your head? Run straight into an enchanted forest and hope for the best.My life has taken a serious turn for the worse. Framed for a crime I did not commit and hunted by the royal army, I have no choice but to hide out in a wild and magical land until I find a way back to my soul mate.Until I can wreak my revenge on the king.But first I need allies. My childhood sweetheart and my brother’s surly best friend aren’t enough to protect me. Not in this treacherous world, where no one is who they seem. Including me.We must delve deeper if we are to find someone who can help us overthrow the tyrant of Annantir. But this forest isn’t safe for lone travellers. Eyes watch from the trees. Whispers fly on the wind. Witches and vampires wait for unsuspecting victims. And before I know it, I lead us straight into their trap.Bound as slaves, my men and I must use all our cunning to outfox our captors. We will do whatever it takes to break our chains. Obey, love, and even die.But I know one thing for certain. I will not end up as a vampire’s blood bag for nothing.Charming The Enchanter is the second novel in the Cursed Creatures series. It features a strong woman and the men who love her. Strong language, adult situations, potentially triggering violence, and a cliff-hanger are included. But don’t worry, the final book in the series is coming soon!Possible Triggers: Discussions of rape, dub-con, assault, slavery, violence.
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