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A World of Lost Words (A Tempest of Shadows Book 5) by Jane Washington
Publication Date: November 25, 2021
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I was born with a shadow inside me, a beast clawing and ripping its way to freedom. I was born with a clock inside me, the tick-ticking of my heartbeat drawing us all closer to the inevitable, the inescapable. The end of everything. And now, finally, it has arrived.The world is burning, the souls are screaming, the castles are crumbling. Death is here for us all, but I am a warrior of light, a conqueror of worlds, a protector of souls. I have seen the face of death, and it is only one face in a sea of many, one name in a language so vast, most of the words have been forgotten … but languages can be learned.In a world of lost words, even death has a name.In the forgotten places full of forgotten whispers, magic can always be found. Even by the weakest of us. Even the cursed and condemned, the stewards or sectorians, the warriors or maidens, the gods or mortals.Even someone like me.This epic, apocalyptic fantasy is dark, lush and gritty. The heroin has multiple, slow-burn love interests, who all begin as true enemies, so you don't have to choose your favourite anti-hero. This series has some intense and dark themes, and the heroes begin as utterly irredeemable alphaholes, so consider yourselves warned!

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