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May We Rise: A Dark College Bully Romance (A Mayfair University Novel Book 1) by K.G. Reuss
Publication Date: October 15, 2022
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Possessive. Violent. Perfect. Mine.
After our time at Black Falls High, we moved to Mayfair, the college of my dreams. With my singing career taking shape, Fox’s football career off and running, Ethan’s photography, and Enzo and Cole’s. . .well, whatever secret things they do happening, life seemed good.

Too good.

If there’s one thing I know about my life it’s that nothing good ever lasts. When our pasts come back to haunt us, and with new enemies on the horizon, we either strengthen our bond or get buried beneath the secrets and lies.

Knowing my guys, we will fight. And. We. Will. Rise.

We Will Rise is the tale of Rosalie and her four guys from Black Falls High in a new setting—college. New threats. New secrets. New school. Read the foreword.

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