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Everything: Make Me Duet Book Two (Seduction House World) by: November Sweets
Publication Date: November 17, 2021
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Welcome to hell…

Or at least this is what I imagine Hell would be like.

Things are more messed up than they were before and the past that I was running from came back from the grave and caught me.

The men that I had fallen for were not at all what they seemed and I think that hurts more than what I’m going through at the hands of pure evil.

Is this where I die, after everything I’ve fought for?

I guess only time will tell...

This is the second book in the Make Me Duet, it is a Dark Reverse Harem Romance. This means that there will be things in this book that people will find triggering, and it is only intended for people 18+ due to those themes. Plus read the extensive trigger warning at the beginning of the book before diving in. Some themes included violence, torture, assault, and more that will be explained in the content warning section in the book.

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