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Sinners Reign (Watch Me Burn Book 8) by R.E. Bond
Publication Date: March 10, 2022
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The wars have ended, and we are finally at peace.I never thought I’d be glad to not have to shoot at someone. I guess I’m not that crazy after all. The Psychos and Devils have expanded business, and things are running smoothly. Between the crews and my guys, I have the family I’d always wished for. Nothing can shake us, we reign over this town. We are both feared and respected, nothing will stop us. Other crews have become allies, and the cops turn a blind eye. We built our own kingdom. My guys don’t understand why I’m so out of control, but they’re trying hard to help me. I guess after years of being let down by my father, I’m scarred for life. But then it happens, I didn’t want this, and I’ve never been more terrified. I didn’t want things to change, but fate has a way of surprising us. I can’t cope with the curve balls being thrown my way. I never expected this, and I’m slowly suffocating. My name’s Rory Donovan, and I’m about to face my biggest fear of all. I’m going to be a mom. **This is the final instalment to the Watch Me Burn series. You MUST read the 7 prior books before this as they need to be read in order to understand the storyline. This contains dark content around the skin trade, child birth, and adult content.
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