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Merlin: A Magical Paranormal Reverse Harem (Claimed by Avalon Book 2) by Zoey Indiana
Publication Date: May 12, 2022
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I hated to admit it, but I'd given up hope on finding a solution to my little spell problem. Not that I'd say it out loud where Arthur might hear me, because if I did, he'd have another reason to grumble at me for another millenia. Arthur wasn't the worst person to be trapped in Avalon with… No, that award would go to Morgana. It would be hell. Literally. We'd find creative ways to kill each other just to remember that we couldn't die, not while still in Avalon. I should clarify… We'd die, but Avalon heals all wounds which would basically be a loop of murder and death. Yeah, hell. When I'd dragged Arthur through the portal, I hoped he'd heal and we could be on our way back to Camelot. But Morgana had other ideas. She'd tried to come through and magically shove Arthur back into a world of final death. He was mostly annoying, but I liked the guy, and he didn't deserve that because Morgana was a crazy witch. It's not my fault she convinced the dragon to lie to me about a prophecy involving her and I. If I could go back and kill that dragon for pulling Arthur into it, I would in a heartbeat. Fucker ruined his life. Though, it was my fault that I tried to kill her after I found out the truth. Sure, I'd uttered words with double meanings when I'd thrown up a barrier to keep Morgana out of Avalon, but the last thing I needed was a woman to distract me. Fifteen hundred years… that was how long I'd accidentally trapped us in Avalon with no back portal out of this place. I couldn't survive on apples forever… oh wait, yes I could. I just didn't want to. Then Morgana shoved Gwen into Avalon and into my life. Everything about Gwen drew me to her, especially her take-no-shit attitude. Arthur always said I fell in love too easily… But something about Gwen left me wondering if she fell into the true love category. I hadn't seen a new woman since I cast the barrier spell over a millenia ago… and she intrigued me. Of course the insanity didn't stop there. How was I supposed to know Gwen would weaken the barrier? And the key she carried. Something about it looked… felt familiar. I needed a second look because it might be the thing I've been searching for. Honestly, I think my spell may have sought out Gwen and given her the power she has now… but why? She'll hate me if she finds out everything that happened to her is my fault. No. She can't find out the truth. The spell I uttered in a moment when my life passed before my eyes called for unity. Deep down, I suspected it referred to Gwen, Arthur, and me… and that strange cat-man she kept as a pet. Which meant we had to all get along. Whenever Gwen was in the room with me, she was all I could think about. Kissing her had been a mistake. The strange sensation in my gut when I was around her was dangerous. To save Avalon, I needed to get close enough to Gwen for the spell to work… without falling for her. But first, I had to heal her. Then I'd seduce her. It was impossible to seduce someone I loved… right? I scooped out the healing salve and drew the base spell on Gwen's stomach. The feel of her skin under my fingers sent a spark through me. Touching her like this was almost unbearable. Though I suspected Arthur had purposely taken Lance with him so I could have alone time with Gwen. With the potions applied, I whispered the spell with far more emotional attachment than I had the first time. The pull of magic was much stronger than before. Proof that I was falling for her. My mind ran through the spell I'd cast seconds before Arthur and I would have died. I was certain Gwen was the one power tied to the fate of Avalon. But if we were to achieve unity, she had to love me as much as I was starting to love her. With my mind made up, I stood and took Gwen's hand. I guided her over to my bed and pulled my shirt off. Seducing Gwen was just the beginning...
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