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Reluctant Heir (Mafia Princess Book 1) by CM Wondrak
Publication Date: April 1, 2022
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Blackmail. Backstabbing. Blood. When you’re the daughter of a high profile mafia king, you tend to get used to all three. I knew my father’s ambitions had no bounds, and I’m proved right when he forces us to pack everything up and move to a place called Cypress, all because the Black Hand is looking for a new family to enter its ranks. Their only condition? That family must have an heir. The only problem is we’re not the only new faces in town. Others want on the Hand, and they’re willing to play dirty to win. I never asked for any of this, but I do what I must. For my father, for myself. The feelings—what few I have—don’t matter. The others might view me as nothing but weak, but soon enough they’ll see. My father never loses. And neither do I. *Reluctant Heir is the first book in a planned RH/Why Choose trilogy. Violence, swearing, and psycho love interests will be in the pages of this book. This series follows The Black Hand series. To make the most of this world, I suggest you read that series first, but it’s not necessary.*
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