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Captive of Kings: A Fae Why Choose Romance (Game of the Fae Kings Book 1) by Michelle  Ziegler
Publication Date: February 24, 2022
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Deep in a maze hides my prize, I can’t even trust my own eyes. For within the maze lies terrible things and my only way out will be one of my kings. When I woke up, I thought getting my period would be the worst part of my day. Turns out I was wrong. Strange men keep showing up, and they all claim to be there to protect me. Four men with piercing eyes and tongues sharper than knives, right here in my bedroom. Who knew I’ve been in hiding and never even realized? I don’t belong to the human world. The Fae kings claim I belong to them. Only, the scariest part isn’t their cruelty or their beauty. It’s the games. To claim my power I must play along with their trials. Everyone expects me to lose and I will prove them all wrong. Only my kings believe in me. I will survive. And I will choose who is mine.
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