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Elara (Syzygy Book 1) by Jade Waltz
Publication Date: November 26, 2021
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Elara’s heat is coming…
And there is only one place in the galaxy that is safe—Syzygy Station.

After years of grooming and hiding behind the sanctuary’s protective walls, Elara wants a way out—any one really, as long as she can travel the stars.
The only way she can leave the space station is by binding herself to a packpermanently.

Simple right?
But when Elara steps foot into The Den, all bets are off.
Bombarded by attractive males with their dashing looks and delicious aromas, all of them promising a life fulfilled with pampering and care.

It was then Elara realized her choice would be impossible…
How can she choose who she wants to live the rest of her life with when they all seemed too good to be true?

From Paige: This book is no longer on Amazon as of 12/7/2021. I am unable to find it anywhere else for sale.

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