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Renegade Nights (La Vega Vampire Showstoppers Book 3) by Ginna Moran
Publication Date: March 21, 2022
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La Vega is at war, and even donors must fight. The Leadership weakens and loses control of their territory, giving Strip dwellers and humans a chance to change their luck...if only it didn’t come at a price far too expensive to pay.

As for me and the Bella Crew? Luck will not play in the path of our futures together. Our strength and loyalty make us more powerful than ever, and even our enemies will realize their mistakes. We will stand strong and unite donors and vampires as one, bringing peace and equality to the most vicious territory around. We have to. We have more important things to protect, and I’ll never bow to a master again.

I will rise and be the powerful woman I was created to be. My wild side turns me lethal, and no one will stand in my way. La Vega belongs to everyone. I will do whatever it takes to ensure it. This is war.

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