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Blood in the Ashes: A Rejected Mates Paranormal Romance (Dragonwolf Series Book 3) by: Trina M. Lee
Publication Date: November 15, 2021
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The man who rejected me, my twin flame and fated mate, is locked up and losing his mind. Why do I care? Because our souls are entwined. If he goes down, he takes me with him. Only I can free Arsen, and only if I'm willing to strike a sinister deal to spring him. In exchange for his freedom we must agree to take on a deadly task only we can pull off together. Between the trouble caused by Ash's asshole brother, the secrets Hex is keeping, and Rogue's growing lust for my blood, I'm losing a lot of sleep. But none of those things will matter if Arsen and I don't appease The Circle of the Veil. Unfortunately, Arsen is a vicious mess, lost in the mind of his beast, and there's no reasoning with a dragon gone mad.
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