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Frenzy: Shadow Bred Book Two by Grace McGinty
Publication Date: September 24, 2021
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My Beta says I have a saviour complex, and considering my life's work had revolved around saving my half-sister and getting revenge for my father, he may have been correct. Sure, I accomplished it by becoming one of the most feared criminals south of the border.

I never said I was the good guy.

Now my sister was safe after exacting revenge for us all, and I was at a loss. What the hell did I do now?

Well, I did what any sane criminal overlord would do; I packed up my stuff, handed over the reigns to my empire and moved to Montana. But first, I had to rescue the Omega that I didn’t save when I was just a kid. How hard could breaking into a secret government facility in the middle of the desert, which was surrounded day and night by armed guards, really be?

For a human, probably impossible. But I wasn’t human. I was Manix.

However, not everyone was happy that I was moving to the Manix stronghold in Maxton, least of all their aged Alpha General. I swear, I’m not usually impulsive, but I never, ever, back down from a challenge, and the people of Maxton were about to learn that firsthand.

Especially a pretty Beta female with a smile like the sun.


Frenzy is the second standalone novel in the Shadow Bred series. This is a reverse harem novel.

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