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Fae-ful: A Why Choose YA/New Adult Paranormal Urban Romance (Fallen Fae B.I. Series #3) by Rachel Angel
Publication Date: January 24, 2022
Amazon Book Description

It Isn't Over Yet!Since learning that my killer biological father had set loose his army of dark fae into my city, Las Vegas, I made the painful decision to not take my rightful crown in the Faery Realm and to be with my 4 handsome and hot fae princes. So from the Fallen Fae Academy to FBI training, I become a Fae B.I. But what I'm seeing in Vegas is far more deadlier than Dark Fae let loose...**The Fallen Fae B.I. Series is a Why Choose YA/New Adult Paranormal Romance Series featuring some dark themes appropriate for 18 and up. Why Choose is Reverse Harem which means the heroine will have more than 3 romantic interest.**

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