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Taming Fire (Elementi Book 4) by Elizabeth Knight
Publication Date: November 23, 2021
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Ravaged by their last encounter with The Dark Lord, Lailah struggles through the mental and physical scars that threaten to tie them to the past. So when an opportunity presents itself, Lailah and her knights jump at the chance. America - the land of hopes and dreams - is the perfect background for a summer away from the drama. Relaxing for the first time after the catacombs, Lailah and her Knights enjoy time with her family. Until they discover that evil knows no bounds, it’s reach is far and wide. The Dark Lord and his minions want to destroy Lailah and will go to great lengths to succeed. And if that wasn’t bad enough, the Knights are faced with one of the hardest challenges yet … meeting Lailahs parents. Faced with adversity, they discover the true meaning of being Bonded, but they also find out that sometimes it doesn't matter how much you wish and hope—you still have to fight for what you want. The question is will that be enough? Taming Fire is a whychoose romance where the leading lady does not have to pick between her men. Please be aware that there is subject matter pertaining to PTSD and physical trauma. This is an 18+ book that has sex, language, and paranormal violence. Book four out of six.
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