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Bad Winners (Lochkelvin Academy Book 4) by Evie Kady
Publication Date: June 29, 2022
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They want war. We want the hell out of this situation. We've made a mistake and it's cost us. The country's gone to hell and people are screaming bloody murder. Death and darkness follow us everywhere we go. For our own protection, we need to get out of here. Our only salvation is with the saint and each other. At least then we can be ourselves instead of jaded political pawns. ----- I've realized a lot about myself this year. How broken, how confused, how depressed I've been. That ends now. With the chiefs' help, I'm growing more powerful than I ever knew possible. The world's still in turmoil and the turmoil only stills when I'm in their arms. Is this winning? Is this me winning? It can't be. Because there's one thing I've learned during my time at Lochkelvin: No one ever truly wins at politics. Bad Winners is a plotty, slow-burn bully romance set in a political academy. The main character doesn't choose between her love interests. This is Book 4 of 5.
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