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Dare to Trust (The Devils Playground Book 2) by: Joanne Ganci
Publication Date: November 5, 2021
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They call us The Devils…
And I’m the queen of Hell.

I’ve finally gotten everything I’ve ever wanted…
But Bianca is still standing in my way.

Evangeline unlocked the gates to my happiness.
Together, we’re going to set Atlas free and live sinfully ever after.
My perfect family is just within reach.

The Devils won’t stop until they have every piece of me...
I fulfilled every dare they threw my way—the Devil name is mine.
But they have another offer I’m not sure I can refuse.

My trauma-bred instincts are telling me to keep my distance, but the Devils are worming their way into my heart. Ricky’s slick tongue and wicked grin keep me rooted with words like mine. Atlas and Kane are beginning to feel like everything to me. And then there’s Ezekiel…

Can I let myself be vulnerable enough to trust the Devils?

Dare to Trust is the second of five books in the contemporary reverse harem series, The Devils Playground. This series contains sins of the flesh in abundance, questionable morals, and sexy men worthy of The Devil title. Trust them. I dare you…

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