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Stiletto Sins (The Order Duet Book 1) by Kris Butler
Publication Date: July 15, 2022
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These shoes were made for more than just walking. Finley I didn’t belong. Not with the things I’d done. Not with my past. To move forward, I needed to finish what I’d started all those years ago. I had to face him. My only barrier to the life I wanted was me, and it was time to face the sins of my youth instead of running. Except now, I had to run. My family wouldn’t understand and I knew this would hurt, but I was out of options. If I didn’t do this now, I’d always be wondering, waiting for him to strike. It was time for me to strike first. So, I would be selfish just this once and find him, take him down and make him pay. At one time, he’d been my salvation, until he became my damnation. My sins were dark, my spirit broken, but I was no longer weak. It was time I remembered who I’d been. It was time I returned to Oblivion. This time, my stilettos wouldn’t just be sinful. No, this time, they’d be deadly. Join Finley, Asa, Cohen, and Milo in this spy-esque why-choose romance that will contain dark themes. Please read the trigger warning before reading. This is book 1 in a duet and intended for readers 18+ and older due to adult situations and content. This is a spin-off of The Council Series, but it isn't necessary to read first. Some characters will crossover, enriching the experience, but aren't required to know in order to enjoy the story.
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