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Indiscretion by Ali D Jensen
Publication Date: March 3, 2022
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Rock Princess. That's what they call me. At least, that's what everyone knew me as when I was a little girl. The media’s favorite girl to watch on stage at her daddy’s shows. Ainsley James Dylan. Daughter to the legend himself—Axel Dylan—AKA, The Rock God. Also known as The Groupie Slayer and lead singer of the band Viper. When I was young, my dad was my idol. Now I know better and I’m done with that life. At least I had the chance to move on with my mom. I’ve left my music in the past where it belongs, along with the memories of a dad who failed his daughter too many times. Little did I know that after years of laying low and hiding from the media, I’d be found by my lost childhood friends—the sons of my fathers band members. As kids, we were inseparable. I still to this day dream about the boys I miss and the friendships I’d lost. Only now they aren’t boys, but men, and we’re all going to the same university and they don’t want to be my friend. They want to make me pay for leaving them behind. They say the only way I can make it up to them is to join their band and be the very thing I despise—A Rock Princess. CONTENT WARNING: Indiscretion is a reverse harem romance. That means the FMC is in a relationship with three or more partners. This book feature's dark themes, potential triggers, foul language and sexual scenes, so it may not be suitable for everyone. This book heavily touches on mental health, depression, suicidal thoughts, and mentions of drug use. Please read with caution. This book is recommended for readers eighteen years of age or older.
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