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Cursed Mates: Reverse Harem Motorcycle Club Romance (Jackal's Wrath MC Book 1) by Skyler Andra
Publication Date: September 30, 2021
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Ruthless. Killers. Bikers. I swore off bikers and my family’s motorcycle club, and enrolled in nursing to save lives instead of taking them. When a rival club murders my father, my brother orders me to infiltrate and avenge him. I’m the only one who can get close without being recognized. Destroying my enemies from within won’t be the hard part. Hiding my identity will be, and it won’t be long until the Jackals discover my secret, and I wind up like my dad. Inside their club, the lines between executioners and truth blur with what I learn about my dangerous and disarming enemies. We’re not just adversaries, we’re fated mates, and I’m fighting the mate bond convincing me we belong together. Whatever happens, one thing is clear: the Jackals are my damnation and my salvation, and I’m going to burn in hell with them. Curse of the Gods is book 1 in the Jackals' Wrath MC series featuring a stubborn, yet strong heroine and four love interests with a guaranteed and rewarding HEA. If you love shifters, fated mates, Egyptian mythology, this is the series for you! This is a reverse harem, why choose series contains dark elements with trigger warnings, suitable for 18+ readers. There is no bullying from the men to the heroine who treat their woman like a goddess. Ideal for fans of Tate James, Crystal Ash, and Grace McGinty. Scroll up and one click now!
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