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Found: A Shifter Romance Novel (Hidden Truths Book 3) by: Quell T. Fox
Publication Date: November 11, 2021
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Sometimes it's the ones closest to you that you can't trust.

Life is a mess and it's exhausting.
Leona never imagined this would be her life at eighteen. She should be enjoying her senior year, celebrating graduation, and preparing for college.
Instead, she's fighting for her life and the life of the ones she loves.
If there is anything that will make Leona Graves come out of her shell, it's dishing out threats aimed at her family.
And it won't be tolerated.
With danger still looming over their heads, and control out of their grasp, Leona and her guys are in more trouble than ever.
When the need for revenge outweighs their safety, people will choose sides. But will they choose right one one?

Found is book THREE in the Hidden Truths series and ends with a cliffhanger. This series is best read in order. It is a paranormal, why choose romance with mature themes, situations, and language.

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