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Save Her (The Broken Souls Series) by: S.A. Mackenzie
Publication Date: November 6, 2021
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Allie cat, Beautiful girl, Alayna. She's my everything, the brightest light I've ever seen. I want to protect her, covet her, adore her.

But I can't.

How do I protect her light when the devil is dressed as our caretaker and he's determined to tear her apart in the darkness? That one was easy. You bring the house down on his head, even if that means you'll lose her forever.

I made my choice and protected her with everything I had left. Now I'm nothing more than an empty shell of a man. The problem? A new threat is coming and I'm not fit to protect her again. I need to bring her to the three guys I trust more than myself, so they can finish what I started and save her once and for all.

Save Her is a novella story that takes place before Save Me. It is best read between book one and two to avoid spoilers. This book contains triggering themes, please read the trigger warning before proceeding. This story is meant for 18+ due to adult themes and coarse language.

**The wrong copy was uploaded before release. Please reload your copy to get the full manuscript! Updated 05/11/2021 at 10:00pm EST**

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