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The Fae Thief's Harem (5 book series) by Melody Novak
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From Book 1: I’m not who anyone thinks I am.
But they all want to make me their queen.

Kidnapped from Earth six years ago, I'm used to hiding my true nature. I pretended to be bad at my studies while secretly helping the resistance against the City's cruel overlords. But now that my sister has taken the dragons’ throne, I’m in the spotlight. Not great for a Fae thief.

A feral dragon has chosen me as his mate, and he’s not alone. All kinds of beings think they owe me for rescuing them from prison. Problem is, I didn’t do that. My sister did, disguised as me. But I’ve got to play the hand I’m dealt... even if it means putting myself in the middle of all these handsome young men. Tragic, I know.

Maybe I’ll stop a brewing magical war. Maybe I’ll start it. Let’s find out.

Talon's Claim is the first book in The Fae Thief's Harem, a fantasy reverse harem FMMMMM series containing MM scenes. Book 2, Oz's Growl, is due to be released on July 1st, 2021. So scroll up and preorder now, and dive into a City full of secrets, riches, and desire… and a mixed group of shifters who know better than to trust anyone.

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