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Highgate Preparatory Academy (3 book series) by Rosa Lee
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From Book 1: Who of us isn't a little bit of a monster too?

Rivers of red changed my life, in ways that even I am unaware of.

I went from being a happy, carefree, and comfortable London girl to moving across the pond and landing at the exclusive Highgate Preparatory Academy, a school for the kids of the rich and powerful, right before my senior year.

Fate placed me into the arms of four beautiful, broken, rich boys; the Black Knights of Highgate Prep.

Loki, Jax, Kai, and Ash.

All rich as Midas, all beautiful, and yet they all carry scars that run so deep, I don't know if there's a way to ever heal them.

Our connection is immediate and earth shattering. The stuff of f***ing fairy tales. My knights wear tarnished armour. They’re angels that have fallen into the pits of hell and been baptised anew in blood, emerging devastatingly beautiful but with the souls of demons.

But fate is a b***h, and one night my life tips on its axis again, making me doubt my dark knights as their terrifying secrets are revealed.

Yet life is never quite what it seems, and even knights must bow to tyrant kings.

Apparently, the grass is not always greener on the other side.

It's covered in crimson too.

And none of our hands are clean.

***Warning: 18+ This book is a #whychoose romance so our leading lady won't have to choose and will end up with more than one lover. Please be aware that this is a dark contemporary romance with scenes that some readers may find upsetting or triggering, so please read the suthor's note at the beginning.***
*Disclaimer: please note. Rosa Lee cannot be held responsible for the destruction of any panties, knickers, or underwear of any kind. She recommends that you take adequate precautions before reading Captured to avoid any sticky situations.*

I believe there is/will be some m/m. -Paige

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